Studio INGE

We are a team of creative professionals

Team INGE has been specialising in “fast” online photography since 2014.
Working as studio manager, senior photographer, senior stylist, developer and project manager for different studio’s and clients we’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the product and fashion world of E-commerce.
So what do you get when you put a ton of experience, know-how, street smarts, book smarts and a whole lot of fun on set?
The perfect team to trust with your next project.


Product and Fashion photography productions in the studio or on location

We are a team of creative professionals
  • In-house professionals
  • Top Standard Studio
  • High Technology equipments
  • Best Locations

Studio Rent

We also like to give others the opportunity to use our amazing space when we don't have shoots planned.
  • Starting at €20 /h
  • 80 m2 studio space
  • optional with equipment
  • optional with assistant and or catering